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Dooris Travel is not in Social Media

Here are some examples of the Testimonials


"Dear Riikka,  Thank you for another very successful trip to Finland! Wow, you just managed to make everything perfect. Thank you. The hotel, the cruise, the nature trip. It was all perfect to our group."

"The delegation had a wonderful time in Finland and the organization of the transport, accommodation and places to visit were so well planned, we couldn’t have asked for more :)." 


"This was the best educational trip so far! It just all went so smooth and the trip was so well-organised. The educational program was so inspiring and just … perfect! The Group dynamics benefited from your wonderful planning... I'm out of Words. Thank you, for all your hard Work" 


I would recommend you out loud from a mountain top"


I intend to write more later as I get reoriented to my real world, but I want to thank you for your amazing travel support.  Everything - and everyone - was perfect.  If we make another trip to Finland, which is not likely for a few years, you will be highly recommended.  I will also share your information with others who are interested in planning a trip.  You made it easy for us, and the only things that went awry were minor and of our own doing. The fact that you worked so closely with Paiva and Eva was a big bonus as well.  It would not have worked as well with any other plan."

"Thank you so much for accurate and custom friendly service."


"Working with you for many months planning an itinerary resulted in experiences that were informative, fun, gastronomically pleasing, and closely suited to our interests. The packing kept us busy, yet built in were occasions to relax and a few days for us to build our own adventures.  Most importantly, your making refinements and providing more requested information up to during our visit is a level of professional service beyond compare. Our trip gave us a lifetime of wonderful memories of a beautiful, proud country and reconnections with family."

"I want to tell you that you have done a very fine job at planning our tour. It was absolutely wonderful. I don't know how you find all these places but, I had the time of my life. It was fabulous! Thank You!"

"I'm deeply indebted to you for working so closely with me to make these tours so successful. 
You seem to read my thoughts as we move ahead with plans."

"Yes, it was another successful tour, and I have a feeling that there will be many discussions in many parts of the U.S. about Finland and our tour.  I feel very fortunate that we always have such an adventurous group and people who are appreciative of every experience that is offered.  This year's group was especially thrilled over the selection of restaurants and the food offerings and also the hotels."   21st group tour to Finland 


"Overall, our trip was made so much better because of your involvement and we cannot thank you enough."



















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